Corporate Training

Training for Corporations

The Foundation sets up training sessions for corporations, which typically last twenty to forty minutes, depending on the training options chosen.

Corporate trainings are conducted by a pharmacist, and all participants will have positive affirmation with that pharmacist before the training is completed.  Once training is completed, participants are awarded a training card commemorating the date of the training.  Training to health and safety teams are not the only employees allowed to train – all employees are urged to participate in the training. 

Individuals wishing to have naloxone kits for personal use are eligible to receive them upon completion of the corporate program as well.  Ontarians who are in a position to assist someone at risk of overdose are eligible for free naloxone kits as well. 

Making a Statement

Corporations who choose to have their employees trained on naloxone use are making a statement.

Corporations are taking a position on the opioid crisis that shows a respect for all life, and demonstrates a positiveness that will contribute to an eventual long term solution toward opiate and opioid dependency. Other opinions about opiate and opioid addiction do exist, and they can sometimes be stern, less than humanistic, and without compassion.  

Your corporation can make a statement about the crisis and how it wishes to help by booking a training event through the Foundation.  The Foundation can also help a corporation has done to assist in the resolution of the crisis by working with that corporation to post a statement on the Foundation website.

Make A Donation

Contributing a donation to The Foundation for the Responsible Administration of Emergency Medicines can help save lives and provide assistance to stem the tide of the opioid crisis.